The story of...
Our Beginnings...
In the fall of 1979 we opened shop in the former Chesterfield Hose Co. building just behind the Chesterfield Inn. The building had come up for sale when the fire company built and moved into it's new location. Ted Lange, his father, Ted, and mother, Elizabeth, formed a corporation, renovated and refurbished the old firehouse and opened  their florist shop, Chesterfield Floral Co. Our choice of  name was a nod toward the prior long time occupants of the building. We moved our operation across the street in the early 1990's to make room for a larger refrigerator and much more display space. This involved a fairly extensive renovation of, what was formerly a private home. We are still located in this beautiful turn of the century Victorian house.

Our Work...

Through the years we have seen many changes in styles, trends and fashions. Our philosophy has always been to acknowledge the popularity of any new trend, but wherever possible, to give that particular style an air or hint of timelessness. Everyone in the employ of the Co. at present has been involved in the floral business for many years, in Ted's case, decades. For this reason we love to seek out any new varieties available to our trade. It is very inspiring to have some new color rose or heretofore unseen flower or plant material to play with. It keeps our work unique, exciting and fresh. It is for this reason that 16 years ago, Ted bought a small farm and has since filled it with plant materials that are impossible to find, or difficult to ship through the traditional wholesale market. Now Ted and Jon grow peonies, lilacs (Persian, Korean, Japanese and French), sunflowers, amaranths, zinnias and a whole host of other flowers and greens at BeauRavine Farm, their home. This endeavor, aside from being rewarding, also gives us a pricing and availability edge when doing events. For instance, if your wedding or event is around Memorial Day, and you love peonies, you will find them no fresher or less expensive than from our farm. With many "in season" flowers, we can quite literally cut out the middleman. We can suggest offerings from our farm and other locally grown options as a means of stretching a tight floral budget. We want to see you have the affair you always dreamed of, and help you avoid any flower choices that can cause a budgetary nightmare. This does not mean we can't (or won't) fulfill your wish for tulips in August, we just want you to be aware of your more budget-friendly options.

Our People...

Ted J. Lange, President, creator and owner of Chesterfield Floral Co.
Ted has been involved in the horticulture trade since early high school. As a student at Northern Burlington High School he took Greenhouse Operation, Ornamental Horticulture and Floral Design classes. He  competed at  the state level in FFA trials and took first place in the Floral Design competition. He also studied ornamental horticulture at Mercer County Community College. Ted opened Chesterfield Floral in 1979 and has since been responsible for the design and the completion of literally thousands of weddings, events and funerals. He has lived most of his life in the township of Chesterfield, and at one time or another, has lived in all three villages: Crosswicks, Sykesville and Chesterfield. He loves animals, art, antiques, good-natured young-at-heart people and old houses. Ted has also done four award winning restorations of two houses and two commercial buildings.
Jon Davis, Head of Design team and Office Manager

Jon is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and taught biology, chemistry and physics for ten years before venturing into the flower and event industry and traveling from coast to coast designing and planning weddings and parties.  A Southerner by birthright, Jon has taken a shine to New Jersey and says it's just like his homeland, but with funny accents.  He spends his spare time reading, gardening, cooking and tending to his and Ted's flock of dogs and cat named Spookie.

Get Directions To:
307 Bordentown Chesterfield Rd
Chesterfield NJ 08515

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