Our customers say...
Ted and Jon,
We are so grateful for everything you did to make our wedding special. I cannot tell you how many compliments we have gotten on our flowers! Your vision was exactly what we needed and every detail was perfect. It was such a blessing to know that no matter what, CFC was going to do an amazing job so I need not worry about a thing. Thank you so much and a million hugs to you both!
Love you!!
Olivia and Scot
Jan 2012
Thank you for your special care in the funeral arrangements for my husband. The color of the flowers and pieces in the arrangements were beautiful. You certainly do take care in pleasing your customers. Your thoughtfulness and help were greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,
Jean B. and family
Jan 2012
Dear Ted and Co.
Thank you so much for doing the flowers and trees for dad's funeral. The casket piece was gorgeous and is still perfectly green and fresh. The presentation was perfect and just what we wanted... Thank you.
George and Lynn K.
Ted & Jon, Thank you, thank you, thank you! You out did yourselves once more! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for helping make a special day even more special. We LOVE CHESTERFIELD FLORAL you guys are the best!
A little late posting...but...my flowers from Chesterfield Floral Co. were out of this world! You guys went above and beyond my expectations!! My wedding in July was picture perfect thanks to my beautiful flowers!!  Via facebook,             Oct 27, 11
For any of us growing up in Chesterfield NJ , our friend Ted has always been a very artistically inclined person and florist with a flair for sophisticated design!! No carnations with ferns and babies breath EVER!!! No cheesy supermarket quality flowers, and no dull uninteresting fillers!!! Ted recently supplied the flowers for my daughters wedding and they were no less than extraordinary... Green, white, and ivory color scheme with small black accents and interesting fillers like furry textured grasslike remnants of carnations post bloom....Martha Stewart would have wept over the skillfully executed floral composition! So If you want beautiful flowers that look like they cost much more than they actually do, roses that actually smell and look like roses, and exemplary presentation... Chesterfield Floral Company is where you need to go!!! They are the Best!!! Tx Ted - you made our daughters day even more special!!!    Monica L. Via email, Oct. 22, 11
Laura S. wrote a recommendation for Chesterfield Floral Co. Via facebook, Oct 15, 11
What an absolutely AMAZING job you guys did! Words of thanks do not describe how grateful I am for the beautiful flowers at my wedding!  Tiffany R.  Oct 17, 11 Via facebook
Kimberly V. wrote a recommendation for Chesterfield Floral Co.
Ted and Jon are the most amazing Florists!
You did an amazing job on the flowers for our wedding!! They were perfect and amazing in every way!! Thank you so much!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
I just would like to say that I had the dream team for Ginger Ann's wedding. Jo Jo is up there smiling and throwing you a kiss. Jon, thank you for all that you and Ted did for our family.I do not want to exclude Sybil and Sarah Emma. Your ears should be burning for all of the outstanding comments. The Father of the bride is still grinning.
Ted, I hope that you enjoyed the South...we can dance. You come back now you hear!
It was Great Gatsby meets the Bayou..... xxooo, most gratefully, Ginger C.  Via Facebook, May 14, 11

              ...and we say, thank you all, for the honor of letting us be a part of your event!

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